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Goodbye Blocked Gutters


Gutter Guard not only protects your gutters from leaves, debris and pests entering your roof, it also reduces the risk of fire damage to your property. In accordance with the Australian Standard AS3959-2009, homes that are built in any Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) area must ensure that any holes larger than 3mm are covered by an ember guard with holes of 2mm or less.

Our Gutter Guard product is aluminium, non-flammable AND has holes of less than 2mm so is therefore also classed as an ember guard! Be careful with your local suppliers and manufacturers claiming “ember-guard” products, as many do not actually meet these requirements.

That is where Gutter Guard is different, and will guarantee meeting these specifications to protect your house from fire damage in accordance with Australian Standard.

It lets the water in and keeps the leaves out! Keep your gutters leaf free for all four seasons.

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