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Goodbye Blocked Gutters

About the product

You never have to clean out your gutters again. It lets the water in and keeps the leaves out!  Keep your gutters leaf free for all four seasons.

Our Gutter Guard is an expanded aluminium mesh with a hole size less than 2mm. It fits onto your gutter lip and then onto your roof, creating a self cleaning gutter guard that works. The leaves simply land on the mesh and the wind blows them away.

This is different to other products that are installed inside your gutter because they prevent self cleaning from occurring.

From this

To This!

Fits to all different roof types

Aluminium Gutter Guard can be cut to size to fit all roof types. Including corrugated, trimdeck, tile, box gutter, flat and so on.

Prevents birds & pests from entering roof

Gutter Guard is a strong, durable, aluminium mesh that is resistant to vermin of various sizes. (From birds and possums down to cockroaches and mosquitoes) They cannot chew or get through our product.

Reduces risk of fire & water damage to property

Our aluminium gutter guard has a flammability index of less than one and has been approved by CSIRO and all local councils as a suitable bushfire deterrent.

Powder coated to match your roof colour exactly

Our premium powder coated Gutter Guard is different to other products that are simply spray-painted or painted on the mesh. We can match all BHP Colourbond roofing colours.

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